The QMI Multiplex Monitor

Pic C

  • Provides rapid 500 millisecond response times when the detectors are correctly mounted.
  • Can monitor up to 12 detection points simultaneously.
  • Can be mounted in the engine control rooms or on the bridge away from danger zones.
  • Does not require a pressure regulator or heater to deal with condensation.
  • Measures oil mist at source and does not have to travel along pipes, which delays response times.
  • Does not require clean compressed air.
  • Provides early warning and main alarm together with an engine shut/slowdown facility.
  • Features a self-diagnostic fault finding capability to indicate instrument faults.
  • Faults are displayed on the monitor so that the user is kept informed and need not fear false alarms.
  • Will work even when one of the detectors has developed a problem.
  • Can oversee more than one engine; monitor oil mist in the atmosphere around the plant, at the same time enabling detection of hazards before fires start.
  • Is able to assess gearbox bearings together with the pistons and external surrounds for oil mist.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply Nominal 110V – 240VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Sampling Channels 12
Response Time 500 milliseconds
Measuring System Time multiplex analogue signal
System Outputs Main Alarm
Early Warning Alarm
Engine Slow Down
Fault Alarm
Unit Weight 10kg
Monitor Dimensions 403 x 312 x 128mm


Product Code: Q01H