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Engine Oil Mist Detection Solutions

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The QMI Engine Oil Mist Detection System is used to identify increased levels of oil mist in engine crank spaces. The detectors are mounted on the crankcase and draw oil mist via a common suction rail using an independent fan.

The equipment uses light scatter (nephelometry) technology proven to:

  • Deliver rapid response within 500 milliseconds of oil mist being detected
  • Measure oil mist particles between 3 and 10 microns
  • Quantify oil mist in mg/L
  • Activate a relay when oil mist is detected

Engine Detectors are used with the QMI Multiplex 12 Channel Monitor. The number of Detectors required is dependent on the number of crank spaces within the crankcase.

The Multiplex Monitor incorporates a ‘traffic light’ system on each channel to ensure that operators know at first glance if there are hazardous concentrations of oil mist.


The Monitor indicates oil mist levels as a percentage of the set alarm limit.
The Monitor can be set to read 100% at 1.3 mg/L and 2.00 mg/L.

When a QMI Multiplex Engine Oil Mist Detection System replaces another system, it should be ensured that the crankcase penetrations are on the down throw side of the engine and as high as possible to ensure correct system operation.

Monitoring any change in oil mist levels in the running engine’s crankcase can help to quickly identify an issue that needs to be investigated

A QMI Engine Oil Mist Detection System typically contains the following:
Description Product code
1 x Multiplex Monitor with Harting Connectors Q01H
1 x Junction Box Q06
1 x VMB3 Fan - 110 VAC or 220/240 VAC Q03FH
Engine detector with lead* Q02L
1 x Engine Detector Maintenance Kit Q0215
Installation Manual Q0102
Added extras include:
    • Data Logger output
    • Modbus output
    • Individual or grouped shutdowns

*The number required depends on the number of crank spaces that are required to be monitored.