Land Based Installation – Engine

Our Engine Oil Mist Detection system was installed at a landfill site to monitor two large diesel engines that had been converted to run on methane. The engines are run 24/7 but are only manned for 12hrs. The site had previously experienced issues with these engines.
The solution was to supply a Multiplex Monitor to support the two engines. Each engine was supported by 6 Engine Detectors that were used with individual shutdowns in groups of six. This ensured that any issues on any of the channels would immediately shutdown the engine the channel was assigned to.

Our equipment saved an Engine!

Shortly after we installed the system, we received feedback from the Chief Engineer on the site, to inform us that our system had prevented serious damage to the engine.
We visited the site after the incident and were shown the piston liner which had been scorched due to a lubrication path becoming blocked. Our equipment had shutdown the engine so quickly that the engine had not seized.
This system has been in use more than a decade and is still running without issue.

Scored pinston liner