Company Profile

QMI (Quality Monitoring Instruments) has been at the vanguard of engine and machinery space fire protection since the 1980s, when the late Engineer Brian Smith pioneered a system to protect marine engines from the accumulation of oil mist in the crankcase.

He formed QMI in 1984 following the development of the 12 channel Multiplex Oil Mist Monitor and the QMI Engine Detector to assess individual marine engine crankcases for oil mist.

In 1989, following the success of these systems in the market, the company developed its QMI Atmospheric Oil Mist Sensor to detect the accumulation of oil mist in engine rooms and other machinery spaces. It won the Seatrade Safety at Sea Award in 1997.

QMI has now supplied over 6000 Atmospheric Sensors globally.

In 2001, QMI released its Triplex Monitor, a three-channel system for use with Atmospheric Sensors allowing small machine rooms, pump rooms and engine rooms to have sensors fitted with their own individual monitor. The QMI Triplex monitor also supports engine detectors for small generator sets sharing two crank spaces per detector.

Whilst atmospheric oil mist detection systems are still not a mandatory requirement, the technology is recommended by the International Maritime Organisation and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum.

Type approved Oil Mist Detection systems are also an IACS requirement for low-speed engine diesel engines having a rated speed of less than 300 rpm, medium-speed diesel engines with a rated speed of 300 rpm and above, but less than 1400 rpm, and high-speed engines with a rated speed of 1400 rpm and above.

QMI is currently working with IMO/ISO drafting committees to develop mandatory regulations governing oil mist detection and is involved in research on land-based industrial oil mist explosions and fires.

“Our objective has always been to provide reliable, innovative, proven equipment giving value to the user. Our aim is to ensure that our customers always receive the most attentive and responsible service, allied to the highest standards of quality, and precision workmanship. Lives depend on our technologies – a fact we never forget.” – Josh Smith, Managing Director, QMI.

All QMI products and components are manufactured in Europe according to ISO standards and type-approved by Lloyds Register and the American Bureau of Shipping.